Cleito's Eiffel Tower

Cleito is a commercial brand of Atlantis, a French IT consulting company that specializes in identity and access management. Atlantis is based in the very heart of Paris, in the Montorgueil-Saint Denis-Les Halles district which is locally known for its restaurants and tech startups.

Atlantis, SAS
54, rue Greneta
75002 Paris, France
P: +33 1 77 75 97 00
C: 51812524000011
V: FR08518125240

If you have questions for us there are many ways you can reach us:

For general information, please email us at

For sales or any other commercial information, please email us at

For consulting and professional services, please email us at

For support, please email us at

Cleito's name and logo

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, Cleito was the daughter of Evenor, the ancestor of the kings who ruled the legendary island of Atlantis. When Cleito's parents died, Poseidon, the god of the sea, chose her for a wife and built Cleito's home on the top of a hill at the very center of the island. Cleito bore Poseidon five pairs of twin sons. Atlas, her oldest son, became the first king of Atlantis.

Our logo recalls the crown of the Queen Mother of Atlantis. Its geometric installation symbolizes the perfect integration of various identity components within an Information System.

Cleito's website

This website is hosted in Washington DC and Zürich, Switzerland by CloudSigma AG.

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